We harness deep learning on multi-omics data to model cells and efficiently engineer their behavior

Cells are the most advance piece of engineering on earth resulting from trillions of chemical interactions. However, small perturbations within those interactions, due to mutations or external influences, can lead cells to pathological states, then causing diseases.


For decades, biologists have struggled identify those causes by iteratively reconstructing cell mechanisms.


At DeepLife, we develop novel approaches based on state-of the art multi-omics data, machine learning, and systems engineering to identify molecular triggers driving back a cell in its healthy state.

We believe AI augmented bio-engineering

will design the cures of tomorrow


Our team’s DNA is encoded with 4 letters: Ambitious, Creative, Talented & Goal-oriented people

Jonathan Baptista
Co-founder & CEO

Graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris with more than 7 years in system engineering and mathematical modeling. He has extensive experience in designing tools for complex systems simulation as well as leading deep tech projects for start-up and large companies

Jonathan Baptista
Co-founder & CEO
Jean-Baptiste Morlot
Co-founder & CTO

Passionate about sciences, he has always searched for tools to model the complexity of nature. After a master 2 in fundamental Physics, he pursued a PhD in machine learning applied genetics from University Pierre Marie Curie during which he published 5 peer review papers

Jean-Baptiste Morlot
Co-founder & CTO
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We are looking for women and men willing to master state-of-the-art technology to tackle the biggests challenges of biology with direct application for patients

We are hiring!
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